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Convention workshops offer valuable training to help you strengthen our union

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An important goal of any AFSCME convention is to provide delegates and alternates with valuable, cutting-edge skills they can take back home to strengthen their unions.

Accordingly, the AFSCME 45th International Convention offers attendees a wealth of training that touches on every aspect of union work and more.

Curious how to protect your affiliate against cyberattacks? There’s a workshop for that. Looking to improve your one-on-one organizing conversations? Sign up for a training on that, too. Unsure what constitutes workplace harassment and how to stop it? Sign up for a workshop focused on that critically important topic. Wondering why your union needs to be politically active? Come join a training on the importance of AFSCME’s PEOPLE program.

Some of the other training sessions will teach you how to be a better steward, how to identify implicit bias, how to comply with AFSCME’s financial code, ways to use contract campaigns to maximize worker power, how to employ digital tools to better communicate your message, and how to elect pro-worker politicians to elective office.

You can find the workshop agenda and other details on the convention website.

Pick up new skills or update your current knowledge while making connections with your fellow union members from all over the country who are facing similar challenges as you. The workshops will help you acquire cutting-edge skills to propel our union – and the labor movement – forward.

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