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AFSCME PEOPLE All Together 5k Philly Fun Run

AFSCME PEOPLE will host an “On Your Own” Fun Run/Walk at the 2022 Convention in Philadelphia. The money raised will support AFSCME’s PEOPLE PAC.

Compete to see who raises the most money for AFSCME PEOPLE or raises money from the most individual donors – and get your “steps” in while completing a 5K course (3.1 miles) at your convenience.  

Enjoy bragging rights and some fun prizes when we come “All Together” to Philadelphia. AFSCME PEOPLE lifts the voices of AFSCME members by supporting issues and candidates who stand up for public services and the everyday heroes who never quit.

Register now!


Registration is open online, or you can register on site at the PEOPLE booth inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC) starting at noon Eastern on Saturday, July 9. The deadline to register for the fundraiser is 4 p.m. Wednesday, July 13. Participants may begin collecting pledges upon confirming registration. You may only collect pledges (and contributions) from AFSCME members and their household family members. All participants must raise at least $100 in total to qualify for prizes.

Participants will need to bring cash or checks, or send in their PayPal payments, and provide proof of participation at the PEOPLE Booth in the PCC by 4 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, July 14.

Proof of participation may include photos of your stats on fitness watches, exercise equipment, the route taken, and/or photos of the participants on their run/walk. Participants may also submit proof to by 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 14. The PEOPLE team will calculate the contributions and announce winners on Friday morning during the delegate’s session in the plenary session.


We will offer two prizes: one for the participant who raises the most money and the other for the participant who collects the most individual pledges. The prize for the most money raised includes a medal, an AFSCME sweatshirt and a T-shirt. The prize for the most individual donors is a medal and an AFSCME T-shirt.


Choose from two suggested routes that will both take you past the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which includes the Rocky steps, and the City Center and Old City districts by the convention center. Or you can choose your own run or walk throughout Philadelphia or enjoy the convenience of your hotel treadmill.

Fun Run Map AFun Run Map B


What is a fun run?
Fun runs are fundraising events where each participant pays an entry fee and signs up sponsors who pledge to contribute money. Friends and family pledge to donate a certain amount of money for every lap, mile, or other pre-determined distance the runner completes.

How do I enter?
Fill out the registration form here.

How does this work “virtually” or “on your own”?
Traditional runs were held as one event in which everyone ran together along a specific route. This run can be completed on your own time during the convention. You can run or walk along our suggested routes included in your registration kit, on your own route or even on the treadmill at your hotel. 

What do I get for participating?
Participants will get a T-shirt and the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Are there awards? What are they and who gets them?
There are two prizes. The prize for the most money includes a medal, an AFSCME sweatshirt and an AFSCME T-shirt. The prize for the most individual donors is a medal and an AFSCME T-shirt

Where do I pick up my registration kit? What’s in it?
Registration kits can be picked up at the PEOPLE Booth located on the right side of the convention center. The kit will include suggested routes, a T-shirt, the FAQ, a bottle of water and PEOPLE information.

How do I submit proof of my run?
Take pictures of your treadmill information, fitness watch or phone trackers and send them to Also send us any photos you take of interesting sites along the way.

What if I don’t have a fitness watch or smart phone?
We will also accept photos of the route or photos of participants taken along the route with logs referencing the distances.

When do I have to submit my proof? And to whom?
You will need to submit your proof by 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 14. You can email this to or bring it to the PEOPLE Booth in the convention center.

How is money collected from pledges and who can make pledges?
Only AFSCME members and their household family members can make pledges or contributions. Money can be collected as cash, checks or PayPal payments. 

How can I participate if I have mobility issues?
The fun run can be completed in any location and at any speed on your own time. If you need assistance with any accommodations, please contact Molly Maloney at (530) 263-6383.

Do I have to follow the routes provided?
No, you can definitely go on your own route, take detours from ours or use a treadmill inside.

It’s really hot and humid in July in Philadelphia. When should I get my run in?
We recommend running in the morning before the day starts at convention. It will be cooler and less humid but there will be enough light to see if you choose to run outside. If you start to feel fatigued or overheated, please rest and call a ride back to your hotel if you need. If there is a medical emergency, please call 911.

What is PEOPLE? Where does the money I contribute go?
PEOPLE is AFSCME’s political action fund. It stands for Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality. We raise money from members to elect pro-worker candidates who will promote our values. We hold them accountable once they are in office. PEOPLE provides members with an opportunity to have a say in choosing their elected officials.

Is there anything else I should tell my AFSCME friends and their families when I am asking them to make fun run pledges?
Yes. In addition to letting them know how important AFSCME PEOPLE is to electing candidates that will fight for us, federal law requires that when you ask someone to contribute to AFSCME PEOPLE, you let them know that: (a) contributions are voluntary and they can refuse to contribute without any reprisal; (b) if you suggest a pledge amount, you must inform them that the amount is just a suggestion and they can give more or less than that amount or nothing at all and won’t be favored or disadvantaged; (c) AFSCME PEOPLE only accepts contributions from AFSCME members and their household family members and contributions from others will be returned; and (d) contributions to AFSCME PEOPLE are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

All of these notices are included on the AFSCME PEOPLE Fun Run pledge forms, which you can provide for your AFSCME friends and family members to read for themselves.

Contributions or gifts to AFSCME PEOPLE are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. AFSCME PEOPLE makes contributions and expenditures in connection with federal elections. AFSCME PEOPLE accepts contributions only from members of AFSCME and their immediate families. Members and their families may refuse to contribute without any reprisal. Although entry in the PEOPLE All Together Fun Run requires at least a $100 contribution, in general an individual is free to contribute more or less. AFSCME members and their household family members may pledge to donate a flat amount regardless of completed miles or designate a pledged amount for every mile completed. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of the employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.

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