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Heading to Philadelphia before the Convention? Discounted baseball tickets are available

Discounted baseball tickets are available for Convention attendees arriving a few days early.

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Attending your first AFSCME Convention? This briefing is for you.

Don’t forget to watch a special virtual briefing just for you if this is your first Convention.

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Convention workshops offer valuable training to help you strengthen our union

Attendees can experience a variety of workshops that touch on every aspect of union work and more.

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Visit the Salutation Station and pick up a ribbon to express yourself

Stop by the Salutation Station to pick up a ribbon that shows how you identify.

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Stand with UNITE HERE housekeepers

Demand that your convention hotel room be cleaned every day.

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Philadelphia is our nation’s birthplace – and the birthplace of the U.S. labor movement

Philadelphia is more than the birthplace of the United States. It’s also rich with labor and AFSCME history.

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AFSCME provides many paths to college – for free

Discover the ways in which AFSCME is making higher education possible for you.

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