AFSCME “PEOPLE” booth purchases help us build worker power 

AFSCME “PEOPLE” booth purchases help us build worker power 
By AFSCME Staff  ,

Great new merchandise will be available at the AFSCME PEOPLE booth at the 46th AFSCME International Convention.

Not only will you take home some really cool swag, but you will also help our union’s political action committee (PAC) achieve the critically important goal of building worker power. We build power by electing worker-friendly politicians who advance policies and legislation that support public services at the local, state and federal levels.

PEOPLE is AFSCME’s legislative and political vehicle for building power at the ballot box, workplace and in our communities. Your purchase and voluntary contributions will help our union make sure those who win elective office have workers’ best interests at heart, not the interests of mega corporations. So, when you buy the fun products at the PEOPLE booth, you can be sure that your dollars are going to a worthy cause.

And why not sign up to become an MVP PEOPLE contributor? You can do that right at the PEOPLE booth and ensure that we are building worker power year-round.

There will also be a special PEOPLE T-shirt Day at the convention to show your PEOPLE pride. Limited edition PEOPLE T-shirts will sell out fast. Shop early! 

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