How to get from the airport to the convention

How to get from the airport to the convention
By AFSCME Staff ,

Attention, convention attendees! Here’s important information you need to know to reach your hotel from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is in the midst of a modernization project.

After you land at LAX – which is undergoing a lot of construction as part of a modernization project – head to the LAX-It lot to find ground transportation to take you to your designated convention hotel.

LAX-It (pronounced LA Exit) is a centralized area adjacent to Terminal 1. You can walk or take a free shuttle to LAX-It, which has designated lanes for taxis, ride app vehicles, food trucks and a bus drop-off location.

According to this airport fact sheet, LAX-It is closest to Terminals 1 and 7 — a 3- to 8- minute walk. The farthest terminals, 4 and 5, are about a 19-minute walk. Free shuttles with Wi-Fi arrive at the LAX-it stops outside baggage claim. If you want to ride the shuttle, you should wait at the green LAX-it signs on the lower/arrivals level in front of each terminal.

Passengers with disabilities should look for the green shuttle with “LAX-It” on the side as they exit the terminal.

For more information on LAX-It, go here.

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