Los Angeles, a city with a strong labor movement, hosts the 46th AFSCME convention
By AFSCME Staff ,

AFSCME’s 46th AFSCME International Convention will be held in Los Angeles.

Thousands of delegates will gather from all over our nation to chart a course for our union over the next two years, learn new ways of doing our important work, pick up new tools, connect with old friends and make new ones, and, yes, have fun.

We will continue to work and build on the growth our union has experienced since our last convention and labor’s rising popularity nationwide. And we will leave Los Angeles energized and ready to harness our people power in the 2024 elections.

You don’t have to look far to see Los Angeles’s rich labor heritage. From mariners to metalworkers, bakers to typographers, farm workers to dressmakers, the industries Los Angeles’s workers have fought to improve are as varied as the backgrounds of this city’s proud residents.

AFSCME members have helped shaped Los Angeles’s labor tradition and continue to do so. Whether it was organizing Southern California nurses under the UNAC banner; giving home care workers a voice under what would come to be called UDW; fighting inequity and outsourcing across the University of California system; or organizing 40,000 child care workers as CCPU-CA, AFSCME has left an indelible footprint in both this city and this state.

Los Angeles may be the land of Hollywood make-believe, but the goals we set for our union are significant. The initiatives we implement after leaving Los Angeles will be felt not only in our communities, but across the country. And we will mobilize all of our power to elect worker-friendly politicians so the voices of working families are no longer drowned out by corporate interests.

While there will be opportunities this week to soak in the diverse stories of worker power that energize Los Angeles, our goal first and foremost will be to plan our union’s path for the next two years ahead.

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